We want to build lasting and sustainable change so that older Australians feel safe and valued.Protecting elderly Australians
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vulnerable Australians in residential aged care.

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What We Do

Through advocacy, community awareness campaigns and a high profile media presence, Greysafe works to prevent the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians.

What you can do

We want to build lasting and sustainable change so that older Australians feel safe and valued. There are so many simple ways you can help make a lasting contribution to protecting our vulnerable elderly.


Our campaigns highlight systemic problems and their impact on vulnerable older Australians. We also aim to put forward well considered policy positions to ensure meaningful change takes place at the political level.

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We’ve seen the impact of abuse on older Australians and felt helpless when trying to assist the vulnerable escape this abuse and neglect from those that are supposedly caring for them. While the system recognises the abuse, exploitation and neglect of older Australians are issues needing to be addressed, meaningful change has been too slow or ineffective.

It is up to us, families of the abused and neglected, our friends, neighbours and the broader Australian community to lead the change.

Greysafe has made it our mission to highlight these issues and importantly, put forward solutions and initiatives to help protect and empower older Australians.

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Media Release: Replace failing aged care inspection scheme with Grey Guardians

August 8, 2017:   Retired medical professionals and community advocates would undertake random inspections of aged care facilities under a new plan being proposed by a national advocacy group for older Australians. Greysafe, a…

Shocking rise in elder abuse cases in Queensland

August 6, 2017: As many as 71,900 elderly Queenslanders are being abused by their own families or trusted friends who are robbing them of their life savings and keeping them in conditions not fit for animals. Queensland’s Public Guardian…

States scurry to reform retirement villages and ward off feds

In Western Australia the state's watchdog, Consumer Protection, has set up a special investigation unit to examine contracts and exit fees in the scandal-ridden retirement village sector to see if they breach the Australian Consumer Law. It…

Australians lost nearly $300 million to scams in 2016

The number of people reporting scam activity in Australia was at record levels in 2016 according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s annual Targeting Scams report(link is external), with a 47 per cent increase…
protect and empower odler australians

Media release: Need for greater transparency in reporting of aged care failings

July 25, 2017: A new advocacy group for older Australians has called for greater transparency in the reporting of systemic failures in residential aged care saying feedback from carers working in the sector suggests the current system of voluntary…

Two NSW nursing homes slapped with sanctions over safety concerns

JULY 18, 2017:  Serious concerns of a “severe risk to the health, safety and wellbeing" of elderly people have led to two NSW nursing homes being slapped with sanctions, while four others have non-compliance notices. But experts say it's…