Park kids save injured elder

Bundaburg Chronicle

PROVING the younger generation are a caring bunch, a man has shared the heart-warming tale of how a group of boys came to the aid of an elderly man.

Kevin and Kay from Gin Gin were heading into town for a wedding on Saturday afternoon when they noticed a situation near the skate bowl.

“Near the skate park at Walla St, we saw an elderly man on the ground, he was obviously injured and distressed and had a large amount of blood coming from a wound on his face,” Kevin said.

“There were two boys with the man and a group of young boys running across the road towards the man as he lay on the ground.

“My wife and I turned around and went back to assist the elderly man, we were unsure of what the situation was or what had happened.”

It was then that Kevin and Kay realised the boys had it all under control.

“After speaking to the boys and the elderly man it appeared the man had collapsed and the boys were helping him, one young fellow was onto 000 and seemed to be well in control of passing details to the operator,” he said.

“The other lads were all eager to assist and showed real concern.

“Another car stopped and the lady also assisted with some cold water and a temporary dressing for the large, open wound on the man’s face.

“The wife and I made sure the man was stable and in good hands, the lady assured us she would wait for the ambulance and we departed -only just making the wedding in time.”

Kevin said he was entirely impressed with how the boys had behaved.

“The bit I would like to highlight is how refreshing it was to see these young fellows taking control of this situation and ready to assist the elderly man,” he said.

“Sadly I did not get any names but these lads will know who they are, if they were my lads I would be so proud of them with their wiliness to assist and care for this elderly gentleman who was injured and in a very distressed state.

“Well done boys, and a big thank you to the lady who also took the time to stop and assist.”