We never had it so good?

As surviving war babies and baby-boomers, our generation enjoys a proliferation of real-life benefits never before enjoyed by any generation in the entire history of humankind.

Across the board, from life styles, new life-enhancing technologies, food and nutrition and social services – including incredible health services – our parents and their parents could never have dreamed of a world such as this.

The downside though is, that as we grow older, changes in our personal and psychological health leave us vulnerable to existential dangers from fading awareness and failing memories.

There are dangers also from individuals within and outside our immediate families who may want to take advantage of our growing vulnerability.

In the worst cases, sadly there is straight out physical and psychological abuse.

It is a great privilege to sign on as CEO of Greysafe and to adopt the role of chief advocate for the rights and security of a generation of Australians.

Thank you to Greysafe chair Michael Riley and to the Greysafers who have welcomed me on board.

Greysafe is a not-for-profit dedicated to preventing the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians.

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness key issues through high impact campaigns and advocacy
  • Develop initiatives to help end the social isolation of older Australians
  • Empower and support victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation by acting as a voice for the victims.
  • Provide a range of programs and services to assist older Australians to feel safe and valued.
  • Maintain a prominent profile in traditional media and on social media platforms nationally.

I’m looking forward to working in partnership with stakeholders and government agencies to make a world of difference in protecting the rights of older Australians.