What We Do

We’ve seen the impact of abuse on older Australians and felt helpless when trying to help the vulnerable escape this abuse and neglect from those that are supposedly caring for them. While the system recognises the abuse, exploitation and neglect of older Australians are issues needing to be addressed, meaningful change has been too slow or ineffective.

It is up to us, families of the abused and neglected, our friends, neighbours and the broader Australian community to lead the change.

Greysafe has made it our mission to highlight the issues and importantly, put forward ideas and initiatives to help protect and empower older Australians.

Empower older Australians

Our Focus

Greysafe aims to prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians by:

  • Raising awareness of the issues through high impact campaigns and advocacy
  • Developing initiatives to help end the social isolation of older Australians
  • Empowering and supporting victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation by acting as an advocate and voice for the victims.
  • Providing a range of programs and services to assist older Australians to feel safe and valued.

We take seriously our role as a trusted advocate for older Australians that have experienced, or are at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.